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Солярий power tower объявление

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Прогноз погоды в Красноярске на 10 дней — Яндекс.Погода

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  1. still the greatest r and b band.,and the singer .never heard anyone better.

  2. TOP is hands down my favorite band but there is a hole in this show without Doc.

  3. Larry Braggs is unrivaled as lead vocalist. Nobody gets close, to this day!

  4. Simply OUTSTANDING vocalist, rhythm section, horns, and amazing arrangements/composers. Some of the best music in the world…so musical in all facets of the meaning of the word musical.

    1. Oh man its so rare to get a genuine ear full of sono-genius and I fear sometimes its all over.

  5. Soul Vaccination is available to everyone instantly…no waiting in line. The best remedy for Covid quarantine!

  6. Whoa! Tremendous. Witnessing a TOP concert is a blood rush Saw them many times

  7. Wheres greg adams I do believe he is one of the original horn player trumpet I do believe

  8. Love me some TOP, and the lead singer Larry Braggs reminds me of the football player Terrell Owens.

  9. A mixed race band. So great to see. Raceism ruining america. Bring back funk.

  10. Ive been Tower of Power ignorant for almost 40 years. Good thing I found this. Freaky tight. [1:27:55] I mean holy sh*t. Amazing pipes.

  11. TOP, nope you could never make me unhappy…..truly the best song, sound, horns ever!

  12. without explanation having 404 dislikes (or more when reading this message)

  13. Why is the camera on anyone besides Rocco,Prestia from 40:00 to 41:00?!?

  14. Oh Larry, you sing so well and…youre so, so sexy! I saw Tower of Power for the first and last time in concert in California in 1978, but you werent there at that time.I think it was a good move to ask you to join the band, it changed everything! Eve from France.

  15. These Swiss folks are in shack at the East bay boys representing us……Bay Area baby…they are taking notes…..not dead

  16. T. O. P. Badist Cats On Da Planet..!! From.. S.B.
    SOUL BROTHA, Seattle

  17. Been digging these guys since the 70s. Still here for it in 2020. Larry Braggs and Dave Garibaldi are killing it and the rest of the band isnt half-stepping either!

  18. Miss Larry Braggs. New guy not too bad. Rocco….OMG….Snuck back stage one time and got a pic of him with me and a pic with the Funky Dr……

  19. Fuckin A…with a Capital S!!! Just got tickets to see T.O.P. AT the Capitol in Tampa in April. Theyll knock my mask off…because I wont be wearing socks!

  20. Listening to this in 2020 during the COVID epidemic. Anybody out there soul-vaccinated as well?

  21. Обожаю эту группу,сам такое пишу и игрю


  23. Larry Braggs was amazingly good as the TOP vocalist.. And the band… just cant be beat!

  24. I dont understand why nobody thought of having a camera on Rocco all time long…

  25. Not my type of music but as a student of great musicians I was amazed. Im a little sad to see that the video was a little off from the music but either way Im impressed by the performance of the musicians specially the drummer

    1. Really?….these guys have been performing since 1969 with the exception of lead singer changes and maybe a couple of others…..

  26. Just isn’t the same without Doc but it’s still the best soul music out there.

  27. BTW I could groove on that bass and drum set combination for long long time. Them doods can swang da funk

  28. Where is Doc…..that hat hanging on that mike stand breaks my heart! RIP Rocco ….

  29. IMO a big part of their magic is the off beat syncopation of the horns and snare drum in tight unison. They pull it off so fluently that their songs are enjoyable even for non musicians. Vocals are really well done and blend well. Everything they do is just first class — beautiful stuff!!

  30. BTW the audience is making loads of sound its just not been miked up seperately

  31. Listening to the first track : i didnt know Herbie Hancock could sing that good 😉 😉 😉

  32. What idiot thinks its ok to put an ad in the middle of any song? Are you serious? What evil system are you from? this is the smokinest band (along with Chicagos horns) on da planet and you interrupt it 2 or 3 times to tell me how to lose weight?? Ive made a note to never ever use the product or service. This is just way too Science Fiction Movie for me. Im going to the TOP site or anywhere else but this.

  33. Ohhh God Tower of Power so Amazing for me🤗♥️ I luv u this Team😘 I hope one Day I can perfomance wth them😋♥️😜

  34. Божественно! Как панк-музыкант говорю) Джаз прекрасен во всех проявлениях. Это музыка для ДУШИ!.

  35. This weird comedy band is groovy, and fairly musical.
    Crazy piano starts at 5:30.

  36. Was often in Hamburg life concerts — real explanation of soul music

  37. Rest in Peace Francis Rocco Prestia. Thanks for makin so many of us shake our booties.

    1. I knew Rocco. The explorer, the inventor, the developer of entire funk and soul languages on the bass. We will never see another like him. Young bass players, take heed! Get busy! Play what is inside you! Carry that torch!

  38. David Garibaldi 💥💥💥💥💞💞💞✨✨🎵🎵🎵🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶puro talento

  39. Hey, wheres Doc Kupka, the baritone player? I watched for awhile and thought someone was missing.

    1. DOH!  Got the answer by watching the video and seeing the band intro section…his wife was sick and he was home.

  40. Just realized that doc isn’t playing… what a difference without the bari…